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The Origins

350 neurology beds

200 neuro-rehabilitation beds in 2028

15 pediatric neurology beds, 24 child psychiatry beds, hypnology : 9 child beds , 12 adult beds

Research in neurosciences and neurology in Lyon has been developing since the end of the 19th century with international renown personalities such as Eugène DEVIC (description of Devic's disease or optic neuromyelitis), Jules Froment (Parkinson's disease and Froment's sign ), René Leriche (neurosurgery, specialist in pain and vascular surgery).

Pierre Wertheimer (first neurosurgeon from Lyon at the origin of the neurological hospital creation) or Michel Jouvet (sleep specialist and discoverer of paradoxical sleep) which led in the early sixties to the creation of a 350-bed hospital (Pierre Wertheimer Hospital (PW)) dedicated to neurology and neurosurgery.

The Pierre Wertheimer Institute (IPW), a clinical research institute in neurosciences, was created by clinicians from the Pierre Wertheimer Neurological Hospital at Lyon University Hospital. It comprises more than 22 clinical teams spread across 4 HCL hospitals and 9 platforms. The institute brings together the various neurology and neurosurgery departments, as well as neuro-paediatrics, psychiatry, genetics and departments specialising in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
The IPW's clinicians work in close collaboration with teams from the 6 neuroscience research institutes on the Lyon East site (CRNL, MeLiS, SBRI, CRCL, ISC, PGNM), representing more than 850 neuroscience researchers. They supervise and co-supervise science theses in conjunction with these research institutes.

Advancing research

The main objectives of the IPW

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    To stimulate translational research in neuroscience and mental health

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    To facilitate interactions between basic research, clinical sciences and industry

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    To accelerate the transition from proof of concept to clinical research

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    To promote the transfer of certain techniques from fundamental research to exploration (biology, imaging, etc.) in the hospital environment

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    To promote and enhance the actions/results of clinical neuroscience research in Lyon

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    To develop dual medicine/science program

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    To allow training on translational aspects (scientific public, medical, paramedical, CRA, etc.)

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    To facilitate the exchange of material (biological samples, data, etc.) and technology

Pierre Wertheimer Institute

The Clinical Research Institute in “Neurosciences”, IPW brings together more than 22 clinical teams located on 4 Hospitals Groups and developing projects for :

Functional neurological readaptation and coma

Functional neurology – Neurophysiology

(Epilepsy – Neurodevelopment – Pediatric neurology – Sleep – Pain)

Neurodegenerative diseases

Neuromuscular diseases

Neuro-inflammatory - neuro-ophthalmology - neuro-otology

Medical and surgical neuro-oncology

Neurological diseases from spinal origin


Mental Health


The institute


With its strong experience and its position within a favorable regional ecosystem, the Pierre Wertheimer Clinical Research Institute in Neuroscience works on research questions around neurological and neurosurgical pathologies.

The governance of the IPW ensures the monitoring, implementation and evaluation of the institute’s missions and activities, thus enabling the advancement of clinical research and accelerating the transition from Proof of concept to Clinical research.

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Pr Jerôme Honnorat

Director of IPW


Pr Claire Haegelen

Deputy Director of IPW


Delphine Cortial

Program Director Neurology, Disability, Mental Health

* uniquement pour la recherche clinique.

Estelle Ricci

Project manager, Neurology structure manager

IPW research institute in the heart of Lyon