Department of clinical epileptology, sleep disorders and functional child neurology

The clinical epileptology, sleep disorders and functional child neurology department offers internationally renowned clinical expertise and carries out all neurophysiological investigations using cutting-edge technology and excellent medical skills.


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Chef de service- Membre de l’équipe (CRNL Tiger)

Other team members:


Chef de Service Adjoint- Responsable de Recherche


Dr Alexandra MONTAVONT (CRNL Tiger)

Ms Vania HERBILLON (CRNL Eduwell)






Mme Faustine ILSKI

Research axis

Research themes in pediatric epileptology

The research themes are centered around the clinical activities of the department, and more particularly around epileptology, neurophysiology and cognitive neuroscience.

Our project revolves around:

-The problem of comorbidities associated with epilepsy and more specifically around cognitive disorders associated with childhood epilepsy, particularly attention disorders (ADHD).
-Clinical research on the natural history, pathophysiology and management of epileptic and neurodevelopmental encephalopathies (DEEs), often of genetic origin, in collaboration with the Neuropediatrics and Genetics Services as well as within the framework of collaborations national and international.
-Regular involvement in the evaluation of new molecules and diagnostic tests concerning epilepsy and DEEs.
-Clinical research concerning the diagnosis, management and therapy of patients with DEE associated with abnormal movements, such as Alternating Hemiplegia (HA) in children, within the framework of the International Research Consortium for ‘HA (IAHCRC) coordinated by Dr. Panagiotakaki
-Stratification of clinical, neurophysiological and imaging data to facilitate the deployment of machine learning/artificial intelligence for the diagnosis and prognosis of childhood epilepsy
-Presurgical evaluation of drug-resistant focal epilepsies in collaboration with the pediatric neurosurgery department, with phase 1 assessment (imaging and video-EEG) and phase 2 with Stereo-EEG. Current research project on high-resolution EEG and MEG in phase 1 and genetic analysis on resected tissues for diagnostic and prognostic purposes.

All of these activities are part of the activity of the National Reference Center for Rare Epilepsies (CREER) and the European Reference Network for Rare Epilepsies (ERN EPICARE)


Principales Collaborations:

HCL : Epilepsie adulte; neurochirurgie de l’épilepsie ; troubles du sommeil ; génétique de l’épilepsie ; neuropédiatrie ; neuroimagerie

Centres de recherche Lyon (CRNL) :  équipes TIGER, EDUWELL, PAM

Institut Neuromyogène (INMG): Pathophysiology and genetics of neuron and muscle (PNGM, G.Lesca)


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