Pr Francois DUCRAY

Neuro-oncology department

The neuro-oncology department is interested in the management of brain tumors and the neurological complications of systemic cancers. It is also the National Reference Center for paraneoplastic neurological syndromes and autoimmune encephalitis.

Pr Francois DUCRAY

Research Team: CRCL, CITI

Cellules souches et giomes


Full professor of neurology, president of the ANOCEF, François Ducray’s clinical activity is dedicated to brain tumor patients. He leads several national and international clinical trials and a research group at the Cancer Research Center of Lyon. His research activity is focused on multi-omic characterization of adult gliomas (glioblastomas, IDH-mutated gliomas) and development of new pre-clinical models of gliomas in close collaboration with the French POLA network.