Neurovascular department

The vascular neurology department is dedicated to the emergency management of cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) and transient ischemic attacks (TIA).


Research areas

Pr Laura Mechtouff carries out clinical activity within the vascular neurology department (Head of department: Professor Tae-Hee Cho). She is particularly interested in the inflammatory phenomena that accompany cerebral infarction and their impact on the clinical prognosis of patients. As part of a science thesis, she sought to characterize the dynamics of this inflammatory response by studying the blood biomarkers of patients from a cohort that she coordinated as part of the RHU MARVELOUS (HIBISCUS-STROKE cohort: patients with cerebral infarction treated by thrombectomy). The objective of this work is to respond to the potential therapeutic issues linked to this mechanism in the context of future neuroprotection strategies. In this regard, Dr Mechtouff obtained funding to evaluate the effect of remote ischemic conditioning on lesion volume in patients treated by thrombectomy (PROTECT-I study). His research themes also include the assessment of cerebrovascular risk, atherothrombosis and prevention. All of his research and supervision work has led him to support his HDR in 2023.

National collaborations
– Alexandre Bani-Sadr, Yves Berthezène and Omer Faruk Eker, Neuroradiology Department, Pierre Wertheimer Neurological Hospital, Bron
– Thomas Bochaton, Cardiological emergency and cardiology intensive care department, Louis Pradel Cardiological Hospital, Bron
– Salim Si-Mohamed and Philippe Douek, Radiology Department, Louis Pradel Cardiological Hospital, Bron (CONCISE national PHRC)
– Nathan Mewton, CIC 1407 Clinical Investigation Center
– Nicolas Costes, CERMEP, Lyon
– Carole Frindel, CREATIS, INSERM U1206 & CNRS UMR 5220, Lyon
– Anne-Marie Schott and Julie Haesebaert, HESPER EA 7425, Lyon
– David Magne, ICBMS UMR CNRS 5246, Lyon
– National Stroke Clinical Research Network: STROKELINK

International collaborations
-Minor stroke Collaboration
-Stefano Fumagalli, Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri IRCCS, Department of Neuroscience, Milan, Italy (ERANET-NEURON 2019 STATEMENT)


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