Physical medicine and rehabilitation service

The service welcomes patients with a neurological disability following an acute illness to benefit from intensive or remote rehabilitation programs for the completion of an assessment report or the resumption of rehabilitation to maintain the level of autonomy. These programs are provided by a multi-professional team and benefit from technical platforms and innovative rehabilitation methods (treadmill, posturography, exo-skeleton, motor imagery, prismatic adaptation, cerebral neuromodulation, etc.)

neurologie fonctionnelle-neurophysio

Thématiques de recherche

Sophie JACQUIN-COURTOIS is Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Hospices Civils de Lyon, France.

His area of expertise is neurological rehabilitation in adult brain-injured patients but also in the context of degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis. His science thesis work focused on sensorimotor plasticity and spatial cognition.

She is part of the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, within the Trajectories team.
She is particularly involved in the assessment and management of cognitive deficits and invisible disability in general, after stroke or head trauma, but also in the context of disorders linked to cancer and its treatments. She initiated the construction and implementation of a cognitive remediation program intended for these patients.

It has also contributed to the development of rehabilitation in the oncological and onco-hematological context, in its physical dimensions, exercise retraining and reconditioning, but also cognitive and psycho-social dimensions.

She is part of the board of directors of the Rhône Alpes SEP Network, is responsible for the national teaching of MPR DES and is an elected member of the CNU of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

His areas of research:

*the development of tools for detecting subtle cognitive disorders after acquired brain injury
*the development of adapted cognitive remediation programs
*optimization of patient care pathways, particularly post-stroke


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